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Getting ready to head out to enjoy those summer rays on the beach? Finding yourself spending more time outdoors attending your child’s sporting events? Whatever the reason may be that you find yourself in the sun, we should all be prepared to protect our skin.

There are three main ways that we can protect our skin from being damaged by the sun.

1. Sunscreen.

There are two types of sunscreen to consider, Chemical or Physical.
Chemical sunscreen absorbs into the skin and then absorbs UV rays, converts the rays into heat, and releases them from the body. The active ingredients in chemical sunscreens include avobenzone, octinoxate and oxybenzone.

Physical sunblock sits on top of the skin and reflects the sun’s rays. The minerals titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are the main active ingredients in physical blocks.

So, which one should you use?

Chemical sunscreen is a better option if you are planning on going swimming and need a water-resistant formula or performing some type of physical activity outdoors and tend to sweat a lot. This sunscreen absorbs quickly into the skin and works better.

If you have sensitive skin, physical sunscreens are right for you. The brands I like are EltaMD and Neova DNA Damage Control. The Neova sunscreen has the enzyme Photolyase which may improve the DNA of the damage skin.

Regardless of which one you choose, you should make sure that they are Broad Spectrum (protects from both UVA and UVB rays), Fragrance-free, Noncomedogenic (won’t clog pores),
Oil-free, Paraben-free, and have a SPF of at least 30 or higher.

2. Physical barriers.

It is becoming more common today for UV protective clothing on the market. Many swimsuits, swim trunks, and more available with UV protection built in.

Rit, the company known for fabric dyes, has created a product that actually adds UV protection to your favorite washable garments. My most recent favorite find is Rit Sun Guard laundry treatment Protectant. Now you can add UV protection to your clothes on your own.

Many of us own a pair of sunglasses, but they are not just for style. Buying a pair with 100% UV protection will protect your eyes and the skin around your eyes from sun damage..

3. Diet

Eating a diet rich with anti-oxidant foods will improve the overall health of your skin.

The most beneficial anti-oxidants can be found in:
Lycopene – found in cooked tomatoes and watermelon
Beta carotene – spinach and cantaloupe
Omega 3 – found in nuts and salmon
Catchin EgCg – found in green tea.

We all need to protect our skin from the damage that can be caused by the sun. Be aware, eat right, and start protect your skin this summer. You will thank me in the future.

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