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If you’re dreaming of tighter, younger-looking skin, then it’s likely that you’ve already considered the benefits of undergoing a facelift. A facelift procedure involves making small incisions around the hairline and behind the ears, which allows the plastic surgeon to pull facial muscles and skin taut and conceal any scarring. As a result, skin looks firmer and less saggy, while youthful contours are once again visible and enhanced.

If you’re interested in undergoing a facelift procedure, you may be curious to know the most popular time of year to undergo this surgery. As it turns out, the winter months are prime to get a facelift.

“A facelift involves at least one month of recovery,” says board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Katharine C. Nitta. “Since many people tend to have fewer social obligations during the winter months, they can devote more time to recovering after their facelift procedure”.

In addition to fewer social activities, patients can take advantage of the cooler temperatures. Since swelling can be worsened by heat, the cold winter air can help minimize swelling more so than what would be experienced in the midst of summer.

During your facelift recovery, you should expect to have your dressing and stitches removed about four days after the procedure. Your face will be bruised and swollen; however, much of these side effects will disappear within the first two weeks. The majority of swelling will be gone within a month; patients should expect to see final results several months after the procedure.

To learn if you’re an ideal candidate for a facelift procedure, schedule a consultation with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Katharine C. Nitta at her plastic surgery practice in Newport Beach, CA or call (949) 722-6644. Her plastic surgery office serves all of Orange, Los Angeles, and Riverside Counties.