Thigh & Body Lift

Thigh & Body Lift

Body Lift

A body lift is often sought out following significant weight loss. Poor tissue elasticity results in excess sagging skin in the tummy, buttock, groin and thigh regions. A body lift addresses the abdomen, buttock, and back regions, improving the contour of your body. It is an extensive procedure and requires a few days in the hospital. This is not an outpatient procedure. Each case is different and many times it is best to stage the procedures for the optimal result.

Thigh Lift

Following weight loss, many also experience excess skin in the medial thigh region. A thigh lift will remove much of the excess skin, allowing the patient to feel more comfortable and confident wearing shorts. It requires an incision in the groin area, but in some cases an additional incision extending from the groin to the knee may also be needed. The incision may extend around the leg to address excess skin on the sides of the thighs as well.

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