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You dreamt about it, carefully weighed the pros and cons of it, and ultimately decided that breast augmentation surgery was the right choice for you. Did you, however, ever consider that there may be a time when you might want or need to have the implants removed?

Many women are just like you and have never considered the possibility of having them removed. You chose this surgery, so what might lead you towards removal?

One of the reasons for removal includes frequent complications from implants that could consist of discomfort, capular contracture, and more. The most common reason, however, comes down to simply a personal choice.

Consider this, if the breast implants have been in for over one year, 50 -70% of cases would need to be paired with a breast lift. Why? Many times a lift would be necessary because the implant stretched the skin around the breast, the breast may not return back to the original shape, and you may have excess sagging loose skin.

Another common reason for a lift after breast implant surgery occurs because the tissues need to be rearranged so that the breast has the most natural appearance. In surgery, the implant and all the surrounding scar tissue are removed. Breasts initially look deflated and wrinkled for weeks, even if a lift is performed. Emotionally this may be difficult immediately after surgery, however, all women interviewed by Health Magazine noted a surge in confidence and relief after removal.

Ultimately, making the decision to remove breast implants is yours. When deciding, be selfish, think of yourself and how you feel, consider the health implications, and consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

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